JSU – Jewish Student Union Clubs

Jewish Student Union (JSU) clubs engage Jewish teens exactly where they are – in school.  Clubs meet weekly in public and private high schools around Oregon either during lunch or immediately after school.  JSU clubs give teens a forum to meet other Jews and discuss both communal and global Jewish current events.  JSU clubs have been successful in connecting unaffiliated teens and inspiring them to take initiative in the broader Jewish community.

There are JSU clubs in the following schools:

Franklin High School

Ida B. Wells-Barnett High School

Riverdale High School

Beaverton High School

Lincoln High School

Grant High School

Leodis V. McDaniel High School

Southridge High School

Mountainside High School

Robert Gray Middle School


For more info go to https://jsu.org/ or contact Moshe Carr, carrm@ncsy.org to start a JSU club at your school.



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