Shabbaton Weekends – A Time For Students To Interact With Tradition

To register for the upcoming Shabbaton, go to or contact Moshe Carr,




Shabbaton weekends inspire and educate teens in an atmosphere of Jewish pride and growth. They provide an opportunity for public school and private school students to interact together in a traditional Shabbat environment. Over the weekend, participants study Jewish topics that speak directly to the high school mind. For many teens, Shabbaton weekends are their first Shabbat experience.

Shabbatons cost anywhere from $50 – $350 depending on location. Financial aid is available.

“Shabbatons have given me the opportunity to experience Judaism in a fun and accessible way. I’ve met so many amazing people that I could never have gotten to know so deeply in another setting. Shabbatons provide an amazing opportunity to study and connect with peers and advisors.”

Daniel Hurwitz, Wilson High School

“Shabbatons allow me to meet other Jewish teens, and create memories and everlasting friendships. I leave Shabbatons feeling inspired and more connected to my Judaism!”

Emilia Wolf, Lake Oswego High School